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Marnie Dudek

Dot Painting Artist - Unavailable to take Audio/Video Calls
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Dot Painting Enthusiast!

I have been dot painting since September of 2017. I love to create beautiful one of a kind pieces of hand painted artworks!! Each piece takes time and effort to make!! My artwork is my passion and I intend to keep painting for as long as I possibly can!!

MTD Artsy Dots Gallery

Here's a gallery of some of my dot mandala paintings that I have done!!

Dot Painting Tools of the trade

Contact Me for More Details!!

Tools of the Trade - Making Dot Paintings

If you would like to know where I get all of my dot painting tools and supplies you can get a hold of me in the contact form at the bottom of my site. Thank You for your interest in an art form that is meditative and soothing to the soul. Thanks and God Bless!!

Tools of the Trade

Here are pictures of the dot painting tools that I use to make my one of a kind original pieces of artwork!!

mtd artsy dots Gallery

Donate what you can!! All donations will be used to fund all of my projects and for any supplies needed to make my beautiful one of a kind pieces of hand painted artworks. Thanks and God Bless!!

Contact Marnie

Please email me for any questions and etc.
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